Towers of York

By July 31, 2017Events

Towers of York were placed and will stay at their locations until Yorkfest in September.  Take time to visit each tower and see the beautiful artwork in our town!

Download a printable map and list of locations: Towers Book

Download a printable list of the student towers: Student Towers

Maze Tower

Eric Eckert

York County Fairgrounds: 2400 N Nebraska Ave – The first Tower of York we’d like to highlight is called “Maze Tower,” by Eric Eckert. Eric moved to York in 1999 to attend York College York College. He currently works as the Digital Director for the York News-Times York News-Times and enjoys skateboarding, making short films, and spending time with his wife, Lindsey, and two daughters, Hadley and Zoey Belle. Eric also has a fascination with mazes, and has been drawing mazes of different sizes for the last 30 years. This made it easy for him to decide on a design when he began the Towers of York project. Despite having designed much larger mazes, the shape of the tower presented a challenge. “Maze Tower,” sponsored by York News-Times, will be on display at the York County Fairgrounds York County Fair Grounds!!, 2400 N Nebraska Ave, until the Towers of York auction on October 12th. #TowersofYork

Twilight Harvest

Nicole Mittman

York General: 2115 N Lincoln Ave – This week, we’d like to introduce you to Nicole Mittman, the artist behind the masterpiece “Twilight Harvest.” This installment of the Towers of York is located at York General, 2115 N Lincoln Ave.  Nicole is a junior at York High School, who enjoys sports, nature, and of course, art. “I really wanted to embrace the small-town, agricultural side of York, so I decided to include silhouettes of a harvest scene, a windmill, a deer and fawn, and a girl with her horse,” she says. “I also included the hot air balloons as a nod to the iconic York water tower that the decorated towers represent. For the sky, I decided on a colorful sunset. In my opinion, Nebraska’s sunsets are one of the most beautiful aspects of this state, so I knew I had to paint one for my background.”  Nicole spent a total of twelve hours painting her tower and enjoyed every second. “I’m so honored to be a part of the Towers of York,” she says. “I can’t give enough thanks to all the people and businesses that donated to the project.”  “Twilight Harvest” is sponsored by York General​. #TowersofYork


Kami & Kinsley Flynt

Mincks Park: 12th & Washington Ave – “H2O,” designed and painted by Kami and Kinsley Flynt, hosted by the City of York, NE is currently on display at Mincks Park York Parks & Recreation on 12th and Washington Ave. The mother-daughter team say that in the process of planning their project, they were drawn to the common theme of water, which seemed fitting for a water tower.  Kinsley, a junior at York High School, is active in the school’s fine arts programs and enjoys drawing and painting when she has the chance. Her mom, Kami, is an art teacher at York Elementary School York Public Schools and a York College Alum York College. She stays busy chasing after her three children and planning upcoming art lessons.  “H2O” is sponsored by City of York, NE. #TowersofYork

Be More at YC

Meghan Shruck

York College: 8th & Delaware Ave – Meghan Shruck, a 2011 graduate of York College is the creator of “Be More at YC,” the tower located on the York College Campus on 8th and Delaware Ave. Meghan, a native of Rhinelander, WI, returned to her alma mater in 2015 to work as the Assistant Dean of Students and Thomas Hall Manager.  Meghan describes York College as a “beautiful, close-knit community” and credits her experience there for transforming her into the woman she is today and teaching her that she “could be more.” “My water tower is inspired by the beauty of all that is York College, from the steps of McGehee Hall to the swing sets where many of my best YC memories were made,” Meghan says. “The painting depicts York College landmarks standing on a firm foundation through all seasons of life, deep-rooted in our mission: to transform lives through Christ-centered education and to equip students for lifelong service to God, family, and society.”  “Be More at YC” is sponsored by York College#TowersofYork

Sunset in Bloom

Lacey “Lovelace” Stamler

East Hill Park: 6th & Blackburn – Lacey “LoveLace” Stamler is the creator of “Sunset in Bloom,” which can be viewed at East Hill Park York Parks & Recreationon 10th and Blackburn, hosted by the City of York, NE. Lacey is an artist of LoveLace Art and Design, a commission-based art company that creates custom works for their clients across the United States. Although LoveLace Art and Design began in 2014, she has been aspiring to become a full time artist her whole life.  Lacey believes that art is everywhere in this world and it is fueled by love. Every piece she creates is made with the love of the natural world and those who live in it. Lacey spends as much time as possible traveling across the U.S., exploring the beautiful land one mile at a time.  Lacey’s inspiration for “Sunset in Bloom,” which is one of her favorite pieces to date, came from the magnificent plains of Nebraska. No matter the asphalt and gravel roads Lacey has traveled, Nebraska sunsets are some of the most beautiful to her, and with ever sunset, the shadows of the tree lines pass. Every brush stroke was designed to highlight the beauty of the plains as the light passes into night.  “Sunset in Bloom” is sponsored by York State Bank and York State Insurance#TowersofYork

A Landmark Takes Root

Mindy Burton

York City Auditorium: 6th & Nebraska Ave – This week’s tower, “A Landmark Takes Root” by Mindy Burton, is hosted by the City of York, NE and located at the York City Auditorium York Parks & Recreation on 6th and Nebraska Ave. Mindy has been an art teacher at Milford for over 20 years. In addition to art, she enjoys her family, students, sports, and coaching.  Mindy acknowledges that being an artist can be a challenge when she has so many things going on, but participating in public art projects is important to her because it is a great opportunity to be creative and give back to communities. Mindy’s past projects include a “tour de Lincoln” bike, an “Enchanted Arboretum” tree in Nebraska City, a star for the YWCA in Lincoln, one of Milford’s water wheels, and two of the “Nebraska by Heart” sculptures.  Mindy’s works are full of common characteristics because she loves color, pattern, and detail. Her pieces usually seem abstract, but are based on something from nature. In approaching her tower for York, Mindy based her design on the idea of a tree with its roots, bark, branches, and open spaces. “York, like all of Nebraska, is a great place to live and grow,” says Mindy. “The title seemed appropriate to tie York’s famous water tower to my feelings of being born and raised in Nebraska.”  “A Landmark Takes Root” is sponsored by York Ace Hardware.#TowersofYork

The Challenge

Monica Robinson Swerczek

York Community Center: 211 E 7th St – This week’s tower highlight is “The Challenge” by Monica Robinson Swerczek, which is hosted by the City of York, NE and located by the York Community Center York Parks & Recreation at 211 E 7th St. Monica is from Cedar Rapids, NE, where she currently lives with her husband Ed. Together they have a twenty-three year-old son, Garrett.  Art has always been a part of Monica’s life. As a child, she would draw on the walls of her bedroom. As an adult, she turned to canvases and sketchbooks.  One of Monica’s seven siblings, Dan Robinson, is a fireman/EMT at the York Fire Department. His service inspired the design of the tower and prompted her to depict everything that is involved in his line of work. Each side of the tower shows the dangers, the challenges, and the pride of a job well done. “I really enjoyed the process and the success of the completed project,” says Monica. “I love it when it all comes together!”  “The Challenge” is sponsored by Robinson Enterprises. #TowersofYork


Keri Kircher

York County Courthouse: 6th & Lincoln Ave – Keri Kircher is the artist behind “Legacy,” the tower is hosted by York County and located in front of the York County Courthouse at 6th and Lincoln Ave. Keri studied fine art at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with an emphasis in photography. Her home-based business, Subjective Perspective, LLC, incorporates both fine art photography and painting. She primarily works with oils and mixed media. The inspiration for the piece was Keri’s interpretation of some amazing drawings done by, and in honor of, a wonderful man.  She wanted to use bright, cheery colors to celebrate his life, integrating his normal color palette with some of her own color choices. The shapes and patterns are taken from several of his sketches and combined in a way that made sense to her. “It was an absolute honor to do this piece and it means so very much to me to have been chosen and given this responsibility,” says Keri. “I hope it makes those who see it happy and is a nice representation of someone very special.”  “Legacy” is sponsored by Cornerstone Bank#TowersofYork

My Nebraska

Stacy West-Chos

York City Offices: 100 E 4th St – “My Nebraska,” by Stacy West-Chos, is located by the City of York, NE Offices at 100 E 4th Street.  Stacy has always had a passion for art, which was cultivated by the two years she spent attending art school. She especially enjoys doing paintings, drawings, and murals. Her creativity is also channeled into decorating cakes at Grand Central.  Born and raised in Nebraska, Stacy has a special appreciation for the characteristics of the state that make it unique, including the lilacs, peonies, and wheat fields. She used these natural details to create a tower that would express what Nebraska means to her.  “My Nebraska” is sponsored by Grand Central Foods#TowersofYork

In This World

Emily Petersen

Harrison Tennis Courts: 620 Kingsley Ave – Emily Petersen is the creator of “In This World,” hosted by the City of York, NE and located near the Harrison Tennis Courts York Parks & Recreation at 620 Kingsley Ave. Emily works are Henderson State Bank and she can be found playing tennis, baking, or volunteering at the Yorkshire Playhouse.  The tower’s spherical shape served as the primary inspiration for Emily, along with the input of friends and family. Some of her past artwork includes paintings of a watercolor world and several galaxies on canvases, so she knew her design was doable.  “This was such a fun project to do, and I’m glad the town of 8,000 people that I grew up in was able to do something like this,” says Emily. “It was a lot of fun being able to see each and every work of art.”  “In This World” is sponsored by Henderson State Bank#TowersofYork

Pride of the Heartland

B.J. Sievers

York Country Club: 1016 W Elm St – “Pride of the Heartland,” by B.J. Sievers, is on display at the York Country Club at 1016 W Elm St. B.J. has no formal art training, but has been producing works in a number of shapes and forms since kindergarten. He attributes his realistic and natural style of art to being born and raised on a farm. “I take great pride in all the detail I put into any of my artwork, whether it is paintings or carvings,” says B.J. “My talent is all thanks to God.”  B.J. worked with the tower’s sponsor, Agri Products, Inc, to choose a theme that depicted Midwestern heritage while also incorporating his love of mountain and lake scenes.  B.J. hopes that people get as much enjoyment from viewing his art as he did in creating it. #TowersofYork

Old Cigars, Steel Guitars and Railcars

Michael Bristol

Holthus Convention Center: 3130 Holen Ave – Michael Bristol’s “Old Cigars, Steel Guitars and Railcars” was previously displayed at the Holthus Convention Center, but has been placed at the York County Courthouse on 6th and Lincoln Ave, along with the other towers.  Like many artists, Michael began coloring and drawing at a young age; but it wasn’t until he was a sophomore in high school that he really started painting. He immediately fell in love with watercolors, and one of the pieces he created received “Best of Show” at the York County Fair.  In 2000, Michael was hired as a scenic painter for the Omaha Community Playhouse, where he spent the next eight years painting sets and scenery for the theater. He went from painting 16″x20″ watercolor pieces to stage backdrops that were as large as 18’x48″. After that, Michael spent a year in Dallas, TX at the Dallas Children’s Theater.  Michael moved back to his family’s home in Cordova, NE in 2009, and began to spend more time painting and exploring his creativity in a rural and peaceful setting. In creating his tower, Michael was inspired by the landscape, history, and people of rural Nebraska. One afternoon, while waiting at a railroad crossing for a passing train, he noticed the graffiti on the sides of the freight cars. After some research, Michael decided to make the graffiti the subject matter of his tower.  “Old Cigars, Steel Guitars and Railcars” is sponsored by Max Country 104.9 and KOOL 103.5#TowersofYork

Cometas de Colores


Pump & Pantry South: 3901 S Lincoln Ave – This week’s tower highlight is “Cometas de Colores,” by Annie Redfern. The tower was previously located at the South Pump & Pantry, but is currently stationed in front of the York County Courthouse.  Annie says that it was important to her to make her tower fun and festive. She was inspired by the colors at La Cocina, which also inspired the name. A tear drop is included in the design to honor Annie’s mother-in-law, who passed away just as she was finishing the tower.  Annie was born in Stromsburg, NE, in what is now the Bed and Breakfast on Hwy. 81. She attended the Colorado Institute of Art in Denver, as well as the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She then lived and worked in New York City for four years at the U.S. News and World Report, followed by two years in Los Angeles working for MTM studios.  In 1989, Annie returned to Nebraska. She loves life in York, including working part-time for Baer’s Furniture and the York Community Center, serving on the York Public Schools Fine Arts Board, and singing in the Methodist choir. She is married to Barry Redfern, and has a daughter, Sam, who will be attends Nebraska Wesleyan.  “Cometas de Colores” is sponsored by Midwest Bank#TowersofYork

Deep Blue

Heidi Chapman

Best Western: 4619 S Lincoln Ave – “Deep Blue,” by Heidi Chapman, was previously located at the Best Western Plus York Hotel & Conference Center. It is now available for viewing in front of the York County Courthouse, along with the other towers until the auction on October 12.  Heidi has been making art since she was old enough to pick up a pencil. In high school, she enjoyed participating in art clubs and working on additional projects. Her past projects include the mural inside York’s skate rink, the map painting inside Captain Red Beard’s Cafe, and the two motorcycle murals on Road 6.  Heidi currently owns and operates Dragonfly Studios, where she hosts groups and parties and instructs them in painting murals and door hangers. The studio also does some holiday specials, including painting pumpkins for Halloween and Easter eggs. She hopes to soon expand to include ceramics.  In designing her tower, Heidi was inspired her favorite exhibit at the Henry Doorly Zoo: the jelly fish tube. One feature that makes Heidi’s tower especially unique is the inclusion of glow-in-the-dark paint. Day or night, this tower is hard to miss!  “Deep Blue” is sponsored by Janssen Ford of York#TowersofYork

Grainy Mainia

Cathy Cornish

Wessels Living History Farm: 5520 S Lincoln Ave – Finally, we’d like to tell you a little more about “Grainy Mainia,” and its artist, Cathy Cornish. “Grainy Mainia” was previously located at Wessels Living History Farm, but has been moved to join the other towers in front of the York County Courthouse.  Inspiration for Cathy’s tower came first from the old-fashioned method of sheaving wheat; and after a bit of research, her design transformed to include many other types of grain, including corn and sorghum. Another surge of inspiration came from an unexpected source. “As we were selling our house and moving, with the project deadline approaching, I thought I was at the end of my rope,” says Cathy. “The rope became a brilliant idea and helped pull it all together and made it a very enjoyable project.”  Cathy has been teaching children art and creating art of her own for 20 years. After trying acrylic painting for a decade and developing an illustrative style, she is ready to return to realistic drawing with fresh, new ideas. She is very appreciative and thankful for the support of her sponsors, family, friends, and community throughout the project, and is very happy to have been chosen to participate.  “Grainy Mainia” is sponsored by Mid America Vision Center and Union Bank & Trust#TowersofYork

Student Towers

Rooted in Our Faith by St. Joseph 8th Grade, Located at Henderson State Bank, York Main Branch

Growing Towards Greatness by St. Joseph 7th Grade, Located at Cornerstone Bank, York Main Branch

Bob-The Stained Glass Balloon by St. Joseph 5th Grade, Located at Midwest Bank, York

Alive in the Spirit by Emmanuel Faith 3rd Grade, Located at Wendy’s

In God’s Hands by Emmanuel Faith 4th Grade, Located at Mid America Vision

Walking with Jesus by Emmanuel Faith 5th Grade, Located at York General

The Story of York by Allie Colburn- YES 4th Grade, Located at York News Times

Shine by Emory Flynt-YES 3rd Grade, Located at York State Bank

Spring Day by Zoey Eckert-YES 3rd Grade, Located at Union Bank

Roberto the Elephant by Lauren Hills-YES 5th Grade, Located at Grand Central Foods