2023 Ambassador Nomination Form


  1. Any Ambassador may nominate an individual to the Ambassador nominating committee for consideration in November each year after receiving notification of the process from the Chamber office.
  2. The nominating committee, consisting of the Chamber’s executive director and the chairman and vice-chairman of the Ambassador Club, will review all nominations submitted by the due date. If there are any matters of concern, the Ambassador chairman will contact the nominator to discuss the concerns.
  3. The Chamber office will then forward all recommendations with justification to each member of the Ambassador Club for approval (yes vote) or disapproval (no) with a suspense date prior to December 5th.
  4. Each nominee receiving 50% approval or greater, would then be named as an Ambassador Club member regardless of the number of Ambassadors already in the club.
  5. Each individual selected will be notified by nominating Ambassador, asked if the time commitment is compatible with his or her schedule; and invited to the 4th quarter meeting to be welcomed by the current members.
  6. All new Ambassadors (active, honorary or ex-officio) will attend an orientation within 30 days following selection/appointment) on a date established by the Ambassador chairman and the Chamber’s executive director. In the case of the Yorkfest royalty, the training would take place in September; and for those elected in December, the training would take place at the first planning session in January.

2023 Ambassador Nomination

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Nominations must be completed and submitted on-line before October 31, 2023. Nominations will be reviewed and a voting poll will be created and sent out to Ambassadors in November. Candidate(s) receiving 50% or more of the votes from the voting pool (the ambassadors that choose to vote) will be accepted.
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