2024 Celebrate York County Ag Producers

Celebrate York County Ag Producers

Since the 1970’s, York Chamber of Commerce has been managing the fundraising efforts for the 4H/FFA Premiums that are paid out for fair exhibits. You may ask, why isn’t this done via auction as it is in other counties. Auction activity doesn’t necessary reflect the ribbon a participant receives. Sometimes, the activity can be more focused on who was able to attend the auction. As far back as the ‘70’s, the leadership of the Ag Society was committed to celebrate participants on their achievements rather than relying on a strong auction attendance. With that in mind, the Chamber was brought on as a partner to help in the fundraising efforts each year so equitable prize funds could be distributed to those showing at the fair. Each year, Chamber Businesses are given the opportunity to support various projects we are involved with and supporting the premiums is one of them. Chamber businesses pledge funds and those totals are given to the Extension Office for distribution. The Extension group then prepares a detailed list for our office and we issue the premium payouts to participants in the form of Chamber Cards. When we send the cards to students, we encourage them to thank the local businesses for supporting their efforts at the fair. The Chamber is always excited to learn about the history of we became part of a strong program that celebrates our youth. Proceeds from the evening event help to support the Chamber’s effort to fund the 4H/FFA Premiums and Chamber Ag Scholarships. PLEASE NOTE, THERE WILL NOT BE VENDOR BOOTH SPACES AT THIS EVENT
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