York Ag Expo Exhibitor Registration

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  • Items included in the Booth Price: one skirted table, two chairs, 110 electricity, and Wi-Fi
  • It is expressly understood and agreed as follows: (In this agreement, Party of the First Part shall herein be referred to as the Show Sponsor and the Party of the Second Part shall be referred to as Exhibitor). 1. Every exhibit shall be prepared in a neat and orderly style and must be kept clean by the Exhibitor during the entire show. No flammable materials (such as crepe paper) shall be used in decoration of the exhibits as per fire code. 2. Exhibitor MAY NOT distribute stickers of any kind. 3. Helium balloons may be distributed, BUT if they float to the ceiling, the Exhibitor is responsible for the cost of removal. 4. Nothing may be taped to the walls or floors of the facility. 5. Popcorn machines, diffusers, and microwaves CANNOT be used by Exhibitors. 6. Show Sponsor reserves the right to control the use of any volume of any loudspeaker, radio, musical instrument or any noise-making device that might interfere with Exhibitors in the immediate area. 7. Show Sponsor will use all reasonable care to prevent loss or damage to Exhibitor’s property but is not liable in any manner for such loss. 8. An opportunity to connect to electrical will be provided. It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to bring extension cords if needed. 9. Show Sponsor reserves the right to move any Exhibitor. 10. The Exhibitor agrees to hold Show Sponsor and all co-sponsoring organizations harmless and blameless and assume all liability for bodily injury of property damage to employees or patrons. In order to do this, Exhibitor must show evidence of liability insurance. 11. CANCELLATION: If the Exhibitor has paid fees in full and for some reason is not able to exhibit at the herein mentioned Show, the Exhibitor will be refunded full space fees, if they notified the Show Sponsor thirty (30) calendar days prior to the Show. 12. Photos will be taken throughout the event and images may be used in marketing materials for print, web and social media.
  • Registrations and sponsorships will be invoiced. Or you may pay online at www.yorkchamber.org/on-line-payment, by credit card over the phone 402.362.5531, or mail check to York Chamber of Commerce, 603 N. Lincoln Ave, York, NE 68467. Email jills@yorkchamber.org with any questions. Thank you!