Executive Committee

Tanya Crawford
Nebraska Extension-York

Tanya Crawford, 1st.Vice President

Bre Ronne-Egr
President Elect
Green Realty & Auction

Bre Ronne Egr

Walter Byrne
1st Vice President
Edward Jones Financial Services

Stephanie Howe

Stephanie Howe
2nd Vice President
16th Street Car Wash/Self Storage

Pepper Papineau, President Elect

Pepper Papineau
Past President
Cornerstone Bank

Chamber Bureaus

The following Bureaus have been set to reflect representation on the Board of Directors.

Bureau 1: Financial

Includes banks, financial institutions, and credit unions.

Bureau 2: Professionals

Includes realtors, real estate, financial planners, and medical and law offices.

Bureau 3: Hospitality

Includes lodging, food service, and entertainment.

Bureau 4: Industry

Includes manufacturing, utilities, contractors, hardware, and agriculture.

Bureau 5: Retail Services

Includes retail (general and wholesale), automotive, cosmetology, dance and yoga studios, and independent consultants.

Bureau 6: Non-profit & Governmental

Includes religious, non-profits, service clubs, and individuals and families.