York Physical Therapy

York Physical Therapy has been a part of the York community since 1979. It was started by two local physical therapists and moved to its current location on North Lincoln Avenue in 2004. With this move, there was the space to expand services and Fitness Worx began.

York Physical Therapy/Fitness Worx offers full-service physical therapy services, personal training, fitness plans, fitness classes, gym memberships, and tanning. They are equipped with a state-of-the-art facility and top-of-the-line equipment, numerous classes, and friendly, professional staff. The ability to offer all these services in one place has helped them in their mission. They are able to assist and encourage patients to continue with a regular exercise program once they have completed their physical therapy in a safe, familiar and comfortable environment.

Chad Phinney with York Physical Therapy/Fitness Worx stated that York is a great location to make services available to all of York County and the surrounding area. “We have a great working relationship with the area’s healthcare locations and a loyal customer base. We will continue to work to provide the latest techniques and services to help people with their physical therapy and fitness needs.”

If you have an injury, persistent pain, need therapy after surgery, or want a healthier lifestyle, York Physical Therapy and Fitness Worx will get you back to living the way you want and deserve, as quickly and safely as possible. Whatever ails you and whatever your physical condition, they’ll create an individualized plan to maximize your goals that fits with your busy life. You’ll find that York Physical Therapy is friendly, patient-focused, and committed to moving you toward wellness and good health. Please take some time to get acquainted with them through their website yorkphysicaltherapy.com. Feel free to stop in anytime to take a tour of their facility and visit with them about how they can help you on your journey toward wellness and good health.