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Each year, 15-20 individuals are selected to be a part of Leadership York. Leadership York is a nine-month program to identify leadership skills and abilities among participants. Participants meet once a month for a full day of training, touring, and meeting business leaders throughout the county. One session is spent in Lincoln observing the legislative process and to meet with elected officials. Each class takes on a specific project to benefit an entity in the area. Participants are encouraged to take on leadership roles once graduating from the program.  







″If you want one year of prosperity, grow grain. If you want ten years of prosperity, grow trees. If you want 100 years of prosperity, grow people.″

Positive and active leadership is the core of any stable community, and the objectives set forth in the Leadership York curriculum help secure that type of leadership for many generations to come. This program includes the following areas:

  • Teamwork and consensus building
  • Identifying leadership styles
  • Working with different leadership styles
  • Group dynamics
  • Project Planning
  • Conflict resolution
  • Networking and identifying resources
  • Community trusteeship
In addition, Leadership York programs over the years have addressed seminar topics specifically dealing with local & state issues as an educational component of the program. Those topics include:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Education
  • Ag Day
  • Economic Development
  • Cultural Diversity & Media
  • Legislative Day
  • Health & Human Services
  • Law & Legal Issues
  • Quality of Life
Over the years, the summary evaluation of each year’s program have provided overwhelming evidence that Leadership York programs have been extremely successful! Graduates have substantiated the fact that Leadership York, does in fact, provide information that has proven to be valuable to them both personally and professionally. After being involved in this program, there is an extremely high percentage of graduates involved in service clubs, church boards, and city and county organizations.

Leadership York gives participants a year-long education about the York community from touring local government facilities, meeting with officials and leaders, to observing the inner workings of the city and county. Positive and active leadership is the core of any stable community, and the objectives set forth in the Leadership York curriculum help secure that type of leadership for many generations to come.

Leadership York EXAMPLE Schedule

September 2, MEET AND GREET
September 15, Session I: LEADERSHIP SKILLS
October 20, Session II: EDUCATION
November 17, Session III: AG DAY
February TBA, Session VI: LEGISLATIVE DAY in Lincoln
April 20, Session VIII: LAW & LEGAL ISSUES
May 18, Session IX: QUALITY OF LIFE,

Please mark these dates off on your calendar. If we need to alter any of the dates, we will do our best to give you ample notice.

Classmates will also be required to attend at least one of the three meetings listed: York City Council Meeting, Commissioner Meeting, and/or York Education Board Meeting during your year of Leadership York. It would be a good idea to attend one of these before December. That way if something comes up you are able to attend before March. You MUST attend one of these meetings.

** Be aware these meetings might change. So always check before you head out. **

Leadership York Steering Committee

Scott Koch, Retired – Chair
Irene Duncan, Retired
Jean Gardner, Cornerstone Bank
Dan Goodwin, Goodwin Financial
Alison Graham, Ginny’s Hallmark
Dianna Groenke, Midwest Bank

Marilyn Jackman, Midwest Bank
Todd Kirshenbaum, Sauterbaum Catering
Cindy Klein, NPPD
Jodi Larkin, York State Insurance
Trent Linabery, Jones Insurance
Jordan Rathke, Midwest Bank

Marcus Ruhl, York State Bank
Bob Sautter, York County Visitors Bureau
Jodi Schall, Cornerstone Bank
Marj Steever, Cornerstone Bank
Hannah Miller, York Chamber of Commerce